Grom Subcage 2014-2020

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These subcages are built to last and ready to take whatever abuse comes their way! With an extra support, mild kickplate, and block of titanium, this product is the perfect recipe for your one wheel needs!

*Included is grip tape, stickers, and mounting hardware.

Titanium and Delrin is not included unless selected!

If ordering Raw, please note there is no clear coat or coating to keep moisture out or our product from rusting! We highly recommend painting or protecting the raw finish. 

  *For all OTHER color options!*

Visit and browse a large selection of colors to choose from! Please contact us via or shoot us a message on IG for quotes with your color choice as some candy/custom colors may vary in price!

   *We strive to keep our inventory and supplies up though some colors may have to be ordered resulting in a longer production time! We appreciate the patience!